I Love my Pajón!

Y es pajon? No te peinaste hoy? Ohhhh you mean my beautiful curls, Thank you Titi!  Meanwhile I really wanted to tell her about her bad dye job but I’m trying to turn a new leaf.  Although my Titi had lots to say about my hair, I did have others respond positively while I flaunted … More I Love my Pajón!


Uncomfortable But Important: Talking about Mental Health

Mental health disorders are prevalent among communities of colors, especially Latinos. However, more often than not, we prefer to not seek out treatment because the stigma associated with mental illness. Many Black and Latinos would prefer to ignore their symptoms over talking about them openly, and go misdiagnosed and untreated. While an individual may have … More Uncomfortable But Important: Talking about Mental Health

LOC Method, What?

As a new curly girl, I feel so accomplished and empowered. You ask why? Well because my no-heat mission to restoring my curls anniversary is on December 31st. On that day last year, I took a vow to dedicate time to learning my curls, and giving them love and attention. While my curls have come … More LOC Method, What?

Fall in Love

Feel that chill in the air?  Fall is here, curlies! Summer has its benefits, but fall can be just as magical. Since the summer can be pretty trying on our strands, some of us curlies look forward to cooler temperatures and the freshness it can bring to our strands. For any hair care routine to … More Fall in Love

The Art of Pre-Poo

If any of my Curly Vixens are serious like I am about bringing my curls back to life, you might have come across the pre-pooing method.  The idea of coating your strands with oils prior to washing helps reduce the stripping effects of shampoo.  I get ecstatic when I come across ways to strengthen my … More The Art of Pre-Poo