Hi y’all!

It’s Angelique here, creator of AllthingsA1 and I’m so excited that you are reading my blog! Welcome!

I am an inspired Curly Girl, a Boss, a Latina, a daughter, in love with food and wine, a Dominican at heart (but born to Puerto Rican parents) a music fiend, a procrastinator (but I get ‘ish done), a Harlemite and now ….a blogger! I want to thank you now for visiting and hope you find pleasure in reading bits and pieces of who I am on this blog.

I have gone down the road of blogging and really enjoyed it but as I reflect and think of it now, I just didn’t have the commitment, the true desire, or time for it. And recently I’ve had a constant yearning for launching a blog, especially because of the stage I am in my life currently (I am almost 40 believe it or not- not afraid to say it). I have decided to go natural, no heat, full-blown curly hair don’t care and I wanted to share other experiences such as my travel ventures, swiping left or right while being single in NYC, recipes, & lifestyle. And voila, this blog was born with a little sprinkle of everything and more.

I was born and raised in the city that never sleeps NEW YORK CITY. While I wish I was living on a tropical island with weather above 70 degrees, I still embrace being a Nuyorican and all that comes with this booming city. So please join me on this roller coaster which is guaranteed to be filled with ups and downs but all in fun.