Tips & Tricks for Curly Hair​

Hair is a tricky thing, especially for women with an abundance of curls.  As a new aspiring curly hair blogger, I understand your struggle. While I am still figuring out my curls and dread wash day, there is light at the end of the tunnel while you find the right products and right methods.  After almost a year of trying different products to make my hair feel and look good and 2 haircuts, I have packed my curly hair toolbox with a number of things that you can use to take care of your curly hair.

  1. Pre-poo

A pre-poo is a treatment done BEFORE shampooing your hair to avoid losing hair during the shampooing process.  This also helps with retaining your hair’s natural oils and moistures. Coconut or almond oils are my favorite to recommend because they are inexpensive.  I simply comb a few spoonfuls of the oil in my hair and cover my hair with a shower cap overnight. I wash it out the following morning and follow with shampoo to get the oil out.  

  1.  Conditioner

Being natural and wearing my hair curly all the time doesn’t require me to wash my hair for as often as those with straight hair.  So how often do I wash my hair you ask? Once or twice a month. Curls, on their own, absorb oil and its what helps them grow. In between the shampoos, every two or three days I co-wash;  wash with just conditioner.

You can use any conditioner, just make sure it doesn’t have too much silicone because it can cause buildup.  Some of my favorites and go-to co-wash/conditioning products are As I Am Coconut CoWash Cleansing, Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner for a quick co-wash that leaves your hair feeling like silk and is dirt cheap, and most recently added to my curl basket the new Pantene Gold Series Deep Hydrating Co-Wash  

  1.  Deep Conditioner

A deep conditioner once or twice a week is essential to have bouncy, shiny, and soft curls.  Most deep conditioners recommend for you to wear it in the shower for ten to fifteen minutes but similar to what I do with the pre-poo method, I also sleep with my deep conditioner.  After rinsing, my hair has achieved the bounce, the shine, and the softness we all desire.

Deep conditioners can be expensive but there are a ton to choose from and if you want healthy curls you have to invest.  What I find to be the absolute best for my hair are made by a few leading curly hair brands; DevaCurl’s Heaven in Hair,  $28, Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask, $15, and Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque, $14.   

  1.  Curl Creams

To reduce frizz and for my curls to remain intact, I use the DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Styler on dripping-wet hair.  This product and the Curls Blueberry Leave-In Conditioner are in arm’s reach for when I’m styling my hair because they are both lightweight and smell tropical.  

While those are my two favorite brands of curl creams, no matter the brand, I make sure to spread the cream evenly through my hair either with my fingers or a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush.  Please try not to use your friend’s regular tooth-comb because you are sure to go bald, simply use your fingers.

Now while curl creams moisturize, gels are used to protect, seals in your moisture, and the shape of your curl.  Make sure to apply a quarter-size amount of whatever gel you plan to use right after you’ve moisturized. The gel I use that has a perfect balance between hold and weightless is DevaCurl’s Light Defining Gel.  

  1.  A good drying method

A bath towel is for your body NOT your hair, so please invest in a microfiber towel for your hair ASAP.  A microfiber towel is gentle and prevents friction which = to less frizz. Now if you can purchase a microfiber towel go ahead, but if not use an old T-shirt to dry your hair instead.  

My hair takes almost a full day to dry so I usually let my hair air dry for a few minutes before I use a diffuser.  I recently purchased a diffuser I came across on Instagram, which is collapsible and was inexpensive, The Curly Co. Hair Diffuser.  I use the diffuser for about 30 minutes, total and then flip my hair upside-down and dry my roots for a few minutes to get extra volume and bounce.  

  1. A silk pillowcase

I have a silk pillowcase, a silk bonnet, and a few silk hair ties to help while I sleep (I do not use them all at the same time, well maybe I use two of them) but these items help to reduce friction while you sleep, prevent breakage, and of course frizz.  The silk pillowcases I’ve bought in the past are cheap and you can order a few from Amazon.  

While I’m still not able to put my hair into a ponytail, I still appreciate the “pineapple”, that helps to prolong the life of anyone’s curls.  It’s simple and minimizes your curls from tangling. Some people wrap their hair in a scarf after the pineapple but I don’t because of the bougie silk pillowcase I sleep on.

  1.  YouTube

I am still learning about my hair, the products to use on it, the protective styles to wear and I learn that all by watching Youtube.  Isn’t that a beautiful thing? My favorite curly girl channels are LeahAllyannah, LipsticknCurls, CurlswithaPromise, and SunkissedAlba.

Now I’m sure there are plenty of other useful tips to help with any curly girl’s transition or even the maintenance of bomb ass curls but I think the ones I just listed have helped me a ton.  Keeping up with haircuts in between is key to your transition because don’t get me wrong I still get an itch to go straighten my hair because it’s so quick and easy.  But stay strong those curls will thank you later.  


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