I am about 4 months into restoring my curly hair (the transition) and when it comes to hair products, I’m generally living the thot life (LOL).  Jumping from one curl cream to the next, switching out one leave-in conditioner for one I read about or a curly blogger recommended.  What can I say? I am a serial dater when it comes to curly products, I have a fear of commitment and can’t stick to just one product. However, as I continue to explore with different products and learn my curls, I’m settling down to a few and this is one of them.  

I really can’t stress how much I love As I Am Coconut CoWash.  It was recommended to me by a fellow curl enthusiast, Jo-Jo, and I have been using it in between my wash days. Right now I wouldn’t buy anything else.  Seriously! The price can range, but on average it shouldn’t cost you no more than $12-13 bucks, and the feeling you get after using it…. A MILLION BUCKS!  If you’re like me and enjoy smelling like a walking pina colada, then trust me you want to add this product to your curly hair arsenal.  It has a light coconut scent and has a yogurt-like consistency.

This product works miracles the minute you put it on your hair. This co-wash not only detangles but gets my hair looking and feeling extremely clean- plus the plush like softness is out of this world.  My curls are softer than the silk pillowcase we’ve all bought to not damage our curls while we sleep, and no worries, I was exaggerating about the walking pina colada; in fact, the fragrance is not that strong after you rinse out.

I’m trying to find a con to this product since its a review and honestly, I’m not sure I have one BUT for the sake of the post, I guess I would say is the shape of the bottle.  I would like either a squeeze bottle or one with a pump, which will control the amount of product coming out. Other than that, no complaints. The price is right, the product works wonders for my 3c hair, and it’s also great for detangling thick hair.  Make sure to add this to your curly arsenal.  What product is your curly arsenal?  



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