How my friends taught me to be FAB…​

Every day we are inspired by women who are fearless, adventurous, and bold; whether it be women like Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Gina Rodriguez, Beyonce, Emma Gonzalez, or your regular girl next door. Now to be FAB is not an easy task but these women make it look like a walk in the park, and I am both proud and grateful for the lessons they each have taught me.

Here are some of my FAB friends that have inspired and shaped my life.


blogfab2By definition to be fearless is “to be free from fear” and that to me is Delaila. Back in 2016, Deleila decided to pack her bag and move to Florida, a little for fun but mostly to try something new and build a life. While she had family in Florida, a decision like this can be both scary but valiant for someone who wasn’t even 30 yet. Not only has she moved to another state but she has also launched a podcast called Non-Corporate Girls which features two New Yorkers navigating corporate America while feeding their side hustles. A lot of women hold back because of fear of failing, rejection, and instability -but not Delaila. She to me is the epitome of being brave, a risk-taker, and of course fearless. Time and time again, Delaila blows my mind by her go-getter attitude and relentless to get to the top.  Because of Delaila, I have learned how to live my life by taking more risks and not having any regrets in life.




Now to be adventurous you have to have the energy to keep up with even yourself but of course be open to new methods, ideas, and experiences and that my friends’ is Indhira!  She has traveled to over 30 countries and continues to add to her passport. And I’m not talking about your regular trip to the Dominican Republic (although one of our many favorite spots) but she has opened my desire to want to be a world traveler, except I’m not down for the water activities that include swimming with sharks- no thank you Indhira!. Not only is Indhira the Queen of Traveling but she is also on the track of being one of the most Influential Women in Health & Wellness. Indhira opened her own business with her sister and mother, a year before going to business school. Who does that? My fellow-quick to do things without thinking twice Aries friend Indhira. You know what else is on her t
o-do list, building an application to provide everyone with access to Operation Cleanse, a road filled with wellness, awareness, and of course on clean eating. Do you really have to ask what Indhria has taught me? She has taught me to go after the things most people would tell us we couldn’t do. She is one of the strongest women I know, who is capable of doing just about anything on her OWN.



blogfab3.pngBueno, now let me tell you about my friend Diana aka Ditty. I have known and admired Ditty for almost 18 years when we met in college (not on some Single Latina Female shit) but she has always been the most confident, impactful, and assured individuals that I know. While petite in size, this girl packs a punch that will leave most of you on your knees figuratively and literally. Bold is how I see Ditty and not in a rude way, she’s just direct and isn’t afraid to take action. To me Ditty isn’t the person who sits behind or on the sidelines because when she wants to do something she does it; including her t-shirt line GoodGirlGone, starting a blog, and venturing off into a new job after many years at just one. She is both bold and inspiring because of how she accomplishes her goals, she instigates growth, progress, and movement for herself but also in me. Most of my life I have waited for someone to be bold like Ditty to lead the way, but Ditty has taught me not to wait around for anyone and create my own path whatever fits me.

Well, now you know how my friends have inspired me to live a FEARLESS, ADVENTUROUS, AND BOLD life. Forever and internally grateful.  Now tell me, how do your friends inspire you?



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