The Art of Pre-Poo

If any of my Curly Vixens are serious like I am about bringing my curls back to life, you might have come across the pre-pooing method.  The idea of coating your strands with oils prior to washing helps reduce the stripping effects of shampoo.  I get ecstatic when I come across ways to strengthen my hair, and pre-pooing is one of them!

If your hair like mine faces moment of weakness, brittle strands, dry scalp, split ends, thirsty roots, or shedding- then KEEP READING.  While your shampoo game may be strong, it could also be the culprit to your hair problems WINK WINK.  If you still using shampoo with sulfate, you need to come over to the wild side by washing with sulfate-free shampoo ASAP.  In the meantime using a pre-poo method before your regular wash routine can basically protect and prepare your hair for further manipulation and retain moisture.  

Now, what are the BENEFITS of pre-pooing?  

Black-girl-hair-detangling-2Helps to detangle hair:  Before washing your hair it is super important to detangle to present losing excess hair during the process.  Pre-poo made my hair to incredibly management and I noticed less hair in the drain and when I detangled, which is a plus for me.

Retains moisture:  If dryness is your issue, then pre-poo is your solution.  Because pre-pooing shields your hair from potential dryness because of your non-sulafate shampoo (no judgement, well maybe just a little), this step help maintain moisture.  

So how do you pre-poo,  look no further and follow the steps below:

1. Section your hair into four and apply your favorite oil.  Oils to consider coconut, olive, almond, or castor.  Look out for a post on oil to apply to your hair and its benefits in the coming weeks.  2.  Next, cover your hair with plastic shower cap and let the pre-poo sit for 15-30 minutes (you can even do this overnight!  I actually prefer this).  3.  Rinse thoroughly.  4.  Proceed with your usual wash routine.  

oliveandcocoPre-poo recipes are limitless and you can basically create a concoction that works best for you.  You can definitely keep it simple by coating your hair with only oil but live a little by~ using your favorite oil, conditioner, and a natural ingredient like a avocado, banana, or honey.  Some of my favorites below (Measurements not needed!  Create as much as you see fit for your hair).

Avocado + Honey + Olive Oil = Absolute moisture and shine for days!

Coconut Oil + (melted) Shea Butter = Ultra defined curl pattern, endless moisture, and super soft tresses.

Conditioner + A Carrier Oil (coconut, argan, or jojoba)= Incredible manageability and softness

You don’t have to pre-poo often but bi-weekly treatments are recommended.  I’ve been told if you’re a co-washer, you don’t need to pre-poo at all.  However, I indulge in a little of both from time to time.  What are your favorite pre-poo methods? Do share!


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