Curly Swap

It seems that almost everyone is going natural or staying away from heat, which isn’t a new trend but a growing phenomenon for sure. I haven’t used heat on my hair since the end of December but I’ve been trying to go natural since the end of the summer. Let me tell you it’s a struggle because for me getting a wash and set is less maintenance then doing a wash and go; my hair takes forever to dry. But I’m trying to stay consistent and more importantly being open to new products, etc.  

One of the things I recently did was host a curly product swap with a few staff from the office.


And it was a SUCCESS! Between 8 people we were able to come together with a grand total of 59 items, which included Miss Jessie’s, Deva Curl, Shea Moisture, Curls, Cantu, and others. I developed a few ground rules because we didn’t want Curlzilla’s in my office and it worked out great. Some of the rules included the person who brought the most items would go first and the least would go last, each person would at least leave with 4 items, and the rest was history.


Each of us went home happy (I hope). I left with a favs- Deva Curl Light Defining Gel but some new ones like Curls Blueberry Bliss Hair Mask and their Hair Growth Oil. I think this is one is for the books but definitely something I will host again.


Special thank you to Jacynta & Jojo for giving me this idea and those who were willing to participate.

Till next time my curly vixens. Can’t wait to hear about the products.


One thought on “Curly Swap

  1. Loved every minute of the swap! From everyone helping each other pick products by giving their own review of it, to the strategic ways we chose our products during the swap to try and get a product first! Lol! Curly girls united and made this such a fun and worth it experience! Shout out to us…and YOU Angie!! ❤


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