Visiting the Riverwalk in Texas

San Antonio River Walk (also know as Paseo del Rio) is a city park of walkways along the the banks of the San Antonio River, one level beneath the streets of San Antonio Texas. The River Walk is lined with bars, shops, restaurants, and is an important part of the city’s tourist attraction. During my travels to San Antonio this past week for a work conference, I was able to enjoy a nice meal, well more like three at a restaurant called Boudro’s on the River Walk.

Let me share some important tips if you are ever in San Antonio and need a place to eat. Boudro’s is somewhat spacious because they offer outdoor and indoor seating. While I was not a huge fan of sitting outside because of the disrespectful ducks, as long as you can grab a seat closest to the restaurant, next to one of the heaters, and of course not by the river you should be okay.

I tried both the prickly pear margarita and the strawberry caipirinha. My choice would be the caipirinha although difficult to drink through a straw. The prickly pear while a traditional drink in San Antonio I think it was pre-made because the slushy on top was melted. Not my go to drink if I ever return but definitely a must try.

I had a few different meals but by far my favorite were the shrimp and grits. It was tasty and the sauce of the grits and sprinkled bacon made everything come together. Presentation is key to me and while this wasn’t always the case, the flavors, large shrimp, and sauce made up for it. I also tried the guacamole, which they bring to your table and make it for you, which is pretty cool! They make it in a stone-looking bowl. Our avocado wasn’t really mashed to guacamole, it was more like avocado chunks. But the flavor was pretty good! The chips that come with it are refillable :).

If you ever travel to San Antonio, you must visit this restaurant. I recommend making reservations! Everything about this place was impeccable. The ambiance, food and service. It was cold when we were there but I can see during warmer months on the Riverwalk what a great place this can be. The food is always delicious from their tableside guacamole to their shrimp & grits.



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