A Pout of Red

Every girl has to own a red lipstick but just one is never enough. You should definitely have your “go to” but having various shades of crimson for all occasions is a must! But I get it… there are so many brands and shades that it can get overwhelming to even find the right one. I’m dedicating a post to my favorite shades of red.

MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick

What is it? RiRi Woo is a deep, medium-dark red with strong cool undertones and a matte finish.

What you need to know:  I think everyone was hype when hearing that Rihanna was teaming up with MAC for a few limited edition items and with that came RiRi Woo.  This lipstick by far is one my favorites not because it’s matte (and I’m obsessed) but because I haven’t seen it on anyone and said whoof. Everyone looks great with this lippy.

Mary Jo K Kyle Lip Kit

What is it?  Mary Jo K is a true blue red.  It has a high intensity pigment for an instant and long-lasting bold matte lip (told you I’m obsessed).

What you need to know:  While I am not a huge fan of the Kardashians or the Jenners, I admire Kyle hustle as a young adult; with that, I have purchased almost all of her lip kits at least 2.  This lippy went on very easily and feels very light and comfortable, not chunky at all.  It transitions to matte within a few seconds of applying.  A few tips:  Moisturize your lips before application and after removal.  Use the lip liner! It helps with application and works as fast as liquid matter dries quickly.

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

What is it?  Stunna is a weightless, 12-hour liquid lipstick with a soft, more matte finish.  A red shade that looks incredible on all skin tones.

What you need to know:  While not my go-to yet, stunna is a winner and might be the last red liquid lipstick you ever buy.  The shade is a universal red because it’s not too cool or too warm, and absolutely flatters all skin tones.  It glides on smoothly and feels like velvet.  It doesn’t dry down the way you think a matte lipstick would, but it gives you a soft and 8 hours of more of staying power.  While Rihanna has said it would survive a “make-out” session, I wouldn’t run the risk PLUS who is thinking about that in the heat of the moment.

These are by far my top 3 favorite and go-to red lipsticks, please share yours with us.  


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